Hello and  let me introduce myself, my name is Tristan Tennant, I am a Creative Designer from Northern Ireland who is enjoying living life in London.

An enthusiastic Creative Designer based in London with over 16 year’s experience.

My passion for creative design has provided successfull innovative graphic solutions from initial concepts through to artwork, for National and International Corporations, Local Authorities, Ministry of Defence, & National Health Service.

I approach each of my client’s project’s with creativity, working closely to understand their need’s & developing these in to visionary designs.

Creative design is not only my profession, it is my lifestyle, I see it in everyday objects, of every building I visit, every piece of packaging I unwrap and every TV program, advert, newspaper or magazine I consume – appreciating the thought processes of others and inspiring my own.

Through my extensive experience within the graphic industry, I have built a diverse network of contacts in various fields including website build and development, e-commerce, DVD and film production.

A few of my named clients have included the Lowe and Partner, Unilever, NHS, Audi, BNFL, The British Foreign Office & local education authorities.